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We're shaping property technology to transform asset management and investment. Designed for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, MyGo AI will radically boost the investment efficiency in real estate investing markets, making the way we invest more precise, less risky and more margin of safety.

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The artificial intelligence engine, consisting of real estate big data, machine learning, algorithms, neural network and industrial researches, can precisely select lands and buildings with business opportunities.

Property technology empowered with artificial intelligence provides customized selection of lands with business opportunities for diversified profitable models in urban and non-urban planning districts.

With big data on ownership registration and the social graph of debtor and creditor, property technology provides customized selection of buildings with business opportunities around MRT and CBD.

Predict potential overweight and underweight in each REIT sector.

Using both alternative data and valuation data, the artificial intelligence engine classifies each REIT as overweight, underweight, or neutral.

Artificial intelligence can be applied to improve stock selection by analyzing alternative data as well as historic valuation data in the REIT space. The decision engine can be a screening tool to help analysts find potential overweight and underweight opportunities in each REIT sector.

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