AI Market Insights of REITs

Training the artificial intelligence model with machine learning algorithms, REITs alternative data and valuation data, MyGoREITs can precisely screen a set of REITs with our scoring engine, and identify each one as overweight, underweight, or neutral.

MyGoREITs, a REIT artificial intelligent engine, designed for investors to improve stock selection in REITs markets by economics-backed machine learning with market alternative data and diversified profit margin strategies.

AI Portfolio Manager

A systematic investment system, which is designed for performance tracking, data analyzing, REITs rating and ranking, and rebalancing the REIT portfolio to match the target index, AIREIT.

It's a dynamic selection of specific-amount public REITs in specific makets.

This is a visualized decision-support AI engine, which presents REITs by pricing and quality scores.

Intelligent Scoring System

Our AI Portfolio Manager uses a combination of proprietary indicators to generate a highly reliable pricing score for each REIT.

The AIREIT Indicators generate a calculated and normalized systematic score for each REIT, which in combination with machine learning technology enables the system to allocate capital and rebalance portfolios accordingly.

According the AIREIT Index and AIREIT Indicators, our scoring engine is able to identify and normalize pricing inefficiencies in the public market.

Seeing implications in multiple dimensions.

Artificial intelligence could fundamentally transform asset allocation, trading processes, risk management and other areas of portfolio management. In fact, MyGoREITs use these technologies to deliver portfolios with better performance for investors while rebalancing and automatically managing risks with minimal transaction costs.

- Fundamental Analysis
- Portfolio Optimization
- Risk Management
- Trading Activities

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